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1. Low Business Risk

You don't have to invest a lot of money and time by starting your own online store. Every business needs money to start, however the low cost of domains, free ecommerce software and various methods of free promotion mean you can start selling products online using only a small sum of money, which is beneficial to both the supplier and retailer.

2. Save Time

You can spend more time endorsing and less time packaging product. Selling in bulk only takes more time packaging and more trips to the post office. With drop shipping you choose only the products you want to sell and place your orders with the drop shipping company, this helps you to invest more time into your online store.

3. You Choose Products You Want

You can access a much greater range of products. You decide what you want to sell. And if you don't sell a product you don't lose anything. Drop shipping means you can use a range of drop shippers to sell a large range of products without increasing business risk.

4. Convenience

It can be convenient. Running your own web business is a great home business for those that need to stay home. Parents that have daycare issues have more freedom, however, when your business really starts to pick up you may need a separate office space to stay organized.

5. Hassle Free

You don't have to hassle with customer returns and warranties. The drop shipper will look after returns. When any customers wish to return a product you just have to notify the drop shipper and supply a refund once the product is returned. This saves a lot of time compared to inspecting every return, selling the product or writing it off.

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