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Wholesale Dropship Direct sells a variety of products wholesale to the public and offers a free dropshipping program. The following is our frequently asked questions - be sure to read through the information thoroughly. Thank you!

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is the procedure in which a retailer does not stock the goods they offer for sale but instead, once a sale is made, uses a wholesaler to ship the goods to their customers for them. The retailer makes their money on the difference between the price they sold the item for and the cost the wholesaler charges them.

Is there a fee for using your Drop Ship Services?

Unlike most dropshippers, WDD does not charge a fee to their customers in order to participate in our drop ship program. Our dropship program is free to all qualified e-retailers and traditional retailers. You will only pay for the item(s) you sell plus shipping charges. This puts all the profits into your pocket while never having to touch the products you sell!

What is unique about WDD vs. other dropship wholesale companies?

Unlike other wholesale dropship companies, WDD offers unique quality products in both residential and commercial grade. WDD also has exclusive distribution rights on some products as well as private label brands that can not be found anywhere on the Internet.

Can I use your pictures and descriptions?

All of WDD product copy and pictures are copyright protected. However, as long as you are an approved buyer of WDD, you may use our pictures and descriptions. You may edit any item picture you like or change the descriptions if you like when listing our items for sale.

How do I add WDD products to eBay and other Internet auction sites?

WDD provides straightforward product listings for you to copy and paste in whatever format or code you would like. Since there are so many ways to post and present products, WDD simply allows you to take the product heading, description copy, specifications, and pictures and save them on your computers hard drive. You are welcome to change the product heading and description but you can not change the specifications in any way (dimensions and weight). To save our product listing pictures, simple go to the picture you wish to copy from our product database, right click on the image and select "Save Image As". On the screen that pops up, navigate to your product picture folder on your desktop and save the picture to that folder. You can then upload the image to your auction using Turbo Lister, or using the standard eBay Online Auction Lister. We recommend Auctiva. They offer Free image hosting, Free templates and will showcase all your auctions on each auction page.
Adding the description and specifications is easy. Simply copy and paste the information from the product listing page into the description box when listing your auction. We encourage you to revise the product description to avoid duplicate copy.

Can I list WDD products on my website?
Absolutely!...Simply choose the products you wish to add to your website, and add them.

How do you know my order is to be dropshipped?
When you checkout, enter your customers address in the "Shipping Information" section when checking out. We will always ship to the address entered in the shipping section. Make sure it is correct. If paying with Paypal, make sure you enter your address on Paypals website. If using a Credit Card, use your billing address in the "Billing Information" section.

Does WDD have a warehouse?
WDD does have a small warehouse of private label product and returns. WDD mainly relies on our strong working relationships with suppliers and manufacturers all over the United States that agree to drop ship products for WDD approved companies.

Will my customers see "Wholesale Dropship Direct" anywhere on the package, packing slip, or invoice?
No! We do not include invoices with the packages. All invoices are found in your history file once you log in to WDD. The only thing we pack in the box is the product(s) your customer ordered. We do not use our company name on the shipping label. Instead we use your company's name.

What if you are out of stock on an item I am selling on an auction site or my personal site?
You will need to check our Out Of Stock list to get an Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) on the item. If the item is not listed, please contact us for an ETA.

Are their any restrictions on using your Dropshipping Program?

1) To use our dropship program, you must register and become an approved buyer of WDD. This is free to do and only takes a few minutes

2) If you choose to pay for requested dropship orders using Paypal, you must have a confirmed address with Paypal. If your address is unconfirmed with Paypal, you will need to use a credit card (Paypal debit cards are ok to use).

3) You need to make sure you enter YOUR confirmed Paypal address in when you are on the Paypal website making payment. Do not enter your customers shipping address as this will cause a delay in processing your order. We will use the shipping address entered in when you placed the order on our website and not the Paypal shipping address.

Does WDD provide training to new approved buyers?

Yes - our weblab team will be glad to walk you through our site, products, and policies. Please contact them via email to request a private Q&A at [email protected]

Who owns WDD?

Online Commerce Group, LLC based in Montgomery, AL owns all interest in Wholesale Dropship Direct. OCG was named to the Inc. 500 list in August 2008 as one of the fastest privately-held companies in America.

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