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Finding the Right Products to Sell

To really discover what a current hot ticket item is, you'll need to research shopping comparison sites by studying the most searched items. When researching products, old data is useless data. To spot the latest trends, find out what consumers are searching for now, not what they were buying last week or last month. Several sites offer "most searched" lists: and, can be helpful in showing “top searched items" that are updated every couple of days.

Cross Selling

The Online marketplace is crowded and competitive so small businesses may have a more difficult time standing out from the crowd. Buyers need to look to you as the expert of the products you sell. And if you're not an expert, do your home work! Recommending a related product or two is a great way of showing your customers you know what you're talking about. For example, if you've sold a teak chaise, suggest a custom cushion to add more comfort to their chaise and advise them on certain fabric choices that will help the customer think about options they may not have considered. You can do this with links to other product description pages,shopping cart pages or by simply showing photos. By being helpful, you provide a richer experience for your customers, which ultimately increase the chances of them coming back.

By utilizing drop shipping, you have a great benefit to group products together and cross sell without having to purchase or keep inventory on hand. If a certain combination is really taking off, then great! More money for you and in return, your customers are happier. If certain items are not selling, research additional products and try again. Remember, your goal is to be helpful, and if you are, your customers will sense your sincerity.

Cross Selling can be a very valuable device if you used correctly. Be helpful in a way that you are not selling a product but you are consulting, giving advice. Think about what additional information and products you can offer them. This helps your customer not to feel pushed into buying.

Product Visibility and Accessibility

Products should be visible on your site. You have to remember that most online shoppers are too busy to wander the aisles, which says that they are usually impatient or just don't have the time. If you make the products easy to find, then they will not lose interest. Organize your products so they are visible by categories. Everybody wants a bargain. Make sure you advertise clearance or sales specials from first page.

Product Descriptions

Online shoppers know only what you tell them, so your product descriptions and marketing copy must be engaging, clear, and informative. Make sure not to make the product descriptions too lengthy at first, short and to the point is better. Put “more info" clickable options for those shoppers that want more product info. A Bullet list is great because they are clear descriptions that you can see right away.

Streamline the Checkout Process

Online shoppers often abandon their shopping cart early on because they become confused, frustrated, or uninformed about shipping costs and delivery times until the last page. To reduce shopping cart abandonment, streamline the checkout process and make it as informative and clear as possible. Require as few steps as possible and clearly indicate at each step where the customer is in the ordering process. Make it easy for the customer to remove individual items from the shopping cart. Show shipping charges on the shopping cart page early in the process, not just on the last page. It's important to design the check out process for those that are not as familiar with online buying. In other words, make the checkout process so simple that your great grandmother could use it.

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